Middle School Begins in 4th Grade

We believe a structured and consistent learning environment leads to student success. By increasing the critical years of a traditional middle school, we increase and enhance the learning of our scholars to ensure all our scholars leave 8th grade prepared to excel in high school, thrive in college, and lead lives full of opportunity.

Computer Science Promotes Digital Literacy in a 21st Century World

Scholars living in a digital world must be digitally literate. Every scholar takes Computer Science as a core subject, every year. Computer Science skills help enhance the cognitive skills necessary to successfully navigate our math, literacy, social studies, and science courses.

Social Emotional Learning Bolsters Academic Success

We utilize weekly Compass Circles, a structured methodology where students and teachers build trust with face-to-face dialogue, to create an optimal environment for learning. We believe that our humanity is found through our relationships with others.

Oral Literacy Focus

Scholars will take Speech and Debate and New Mexico Influenced Music and Art courses weekly. Possessing a solid foundation in oral literacy will help our scholars become successful readers and strong communicators as well as build their confidence and overall sense of well-being. When our scholars find their voice, they ignite their power.

Professional Habits

Our scholars will be warmly greeted each morning with a firm handshake. Scholars will be expected to exhibit our Core Values: Self-determination, Professionalism, Accountability, Resilience, and Kindness. Professional habits are critical to a student’s overall social and academic success. We give scholars tools they need to be resourceful in a socially perceptive way, to innovate not just alone but with a group of peers, and to adapt when new situations arise.